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1. How long will it take to receive my degree?

Upon receipt of payment, please allow 10~15 days for delivery via Registered Post. If you need a quicker turnaround, we can send it by Courier Express for $20 extra. This allows you to receive your degree within 4~5 working days.

2. What are the names of the universities you represent?

To protect both graduates and universities, we do not disclose names prior to awarding the degree. Be assured though, all the institutions we deal with use the word “university” in their name and do hold a current university license.

Our service ensures the confidentiality of the universities we deal with. Only those who graduate learn the name of the university. This is to prevent negative publicity being directed towards the university or their graduates. Such has been the case of bad publicity with some of our competitors, such as InstantDegrees.com and their previous association with Buxton University.

3. Can you arrange transcripts or student records?

Upon checkout, you have the option to add transcripts to your shopping cart. Transcripts show subject code, subject, grade, grade points, credits, semester GPA, cumulative GPA and final GPA. Transcripts will be mailed with your degree or can be ordered at a later date.

4. Do you offer sealed transcripts?

Most definitely. Transcripts are folded in half and placed in a sealed envelope with the university letterhead on it. On the back of the envelope, the metallic seal of the university will be placed over the flap. There is a handling fee of $20 per sealed transcript and this can be added to your order upon checkout.

5. Do you offer a Notarized Apostille service?

Yes. Our customers have the benefit of getting their degree and transcript notarized and apostilled directly through us.

Receive your degree and transcript complete and ready to use. No need to send it off to 3rd parties. The price is $300 to notarize and apostille your degree or transcript. Please allow up to 30 days delivery if getting a notarized apostille with your degree order.

We are also one of the only places that can now apply for embassy legalization for your degree, further extending it’s recognition.

6. Will my degree have the word “University” in it?

Yes it will; we only deal with legally registered universities that hold a current university license.

7. Do you accept payment other than credit card?

Yes. We can also accept payments via Western Union, Money Order, Wire Transfer or Personal Check. Please contact us for details using the CONTACT link.

8. What is the quality of the degree?

We have strict guidelines on degree certificate quality and we only deal with universities that conform to common design standards.

A general guideline to the type of degree certificate that conforms to academic norms and common standards is usually:

– Individually hand signed.
– Printed with high quality ink.
– Unique diploma identity code.
– Printed on high quality 65lb diploma card (not paper).
– Bearing the watermark logo of the university.
– Details of the university, degree awarded and graduate name.
– The official embossed seal of the university, which is usually ornate and gold plated.

Nowhere will your university degree contain the words “Life Experience”, “Online Degree” or equivalent.

9. Can I use another person’s credit card to pay for my degree?

Yes. We will check that the credit card charged matches the registered billing address. We may also telephone the card holder to confirm the charge along with other security checks as we feel necessary. Customers attempting to fraud us, place a chargeback after receiving their order WILL be blacklisted and passed onto our legal department.

The credit card holder automatically declares that permission has been obtained for the degree to be ordered in that name.

10. How secure is my payment?

100% secure. We use nothing less than the very highest security that exists online! Your credit card statement will show the name “FDO Inc.”.

11. Can anybody get an instant degree?

No. You must be over the age of 18 and have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the area you apply for.

12. Why would I need a university degree?

A degree allows the holder the legal use of titles (such as Dr or Professor) or post nominal letters (such as MBA or PhD). An example of this includes putting a title on your passport, driver’s license, letterheads, credit cards, and business cards etc.

The immediate advantage to the holder is the natural tendency in society to defer to people with degrees of this nature. This is particularly true in older countries such as those in Europe. The deference shown to holders of Doctoral Titles in Germanic and Latin Countries is legendary. Fully booked restaurants suddenly find vacancies, hotels miraculously discover the availability of “more pleasant” rooms, airport checking counters open inexplicably to offer special service while others wait in line and holders have found themselves being upgraded to first class tickets at no extra cost.

13. Do I have any obligations?

Yes. The act of making payment is a declaration that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and that that the person named on the diploma has sufficient life experience or prior study to justify the award.

We then make an application to the institution on your behalf in a way we know will be accepted. We do not require a CV or any documentary evidence to back up your declaration. You also agree to the legally binding Confidentiality Contract which prevents your or anybody else from directly or indirectly disclosing the link between the awarding institution and Fast Degrees Online. This is designed to protect the interests of both our clients and the institutions we represent.

14. Can I choose which university or college the degree is awarded by?

No. The choice of Institution is made by us based on your choice of DEGREE and SUBJECT.

15. Can I specify the country or region of the university or college that I graduate from?

In many cases, Yes. As we offer our services to an international client base, we realize some applicants may have preferences to a particular country. We guarantee that all the institutions we represent are legally formed institutions in ENGLISH SPEAKING (first world) jurisdictions that have English as the institutional language of operation.

It is probable that your degree will come from a country other than the country of your residence. If you feel that your degree must come from a location near you, then please specify your request when ordering.

16. Will the college or university run it’s own campus?

Not necessarily. All of the institutions we represent are legally formed and operating private rather than mainstream public institutions. They offer non-traditional degree programs. However, all the institutions we represent have their own Administration Centers for administering the degree courses and post graduate services such as the FREE Verification Service. None of the institutions we represent advertise directly to the public nor their association with Fast Degrees Online.

17. How about your competitors?

Whilst some of our competitors list the institution you graduate from, if you do a quick search, it will be obvious that their degrees can be bought, hence reducing the value of your qualification.

18. Are there limitations?

The only real limitation concerns accreditation, which is not legally required. However, for credit transfer purposes, institutions will normally only recognize degrees from other institutions registered with the same accreditation agency. As there are literally thousands of accrediting agencies it would be impossible to join them all. Therefore you must assume that your degree, although registered and verifiable will not be useful for credit transfer purposes, this includes using the degree as a “stepping stone” to a higher degree or other post graduate programs.

The majority of our clients use our service because they have neither the time nor the inclination to attend a traditional university, the question of credit transfer is irrelevant anyway. Similarly, certain professions require degrees to have a specific accreditation in order to be used as a professional qualification. i.e. Architecture, Medicine, Nursing, Teaching, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Social Work. Although the Institutions themselves operate completely legally, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the possession and use of a non-nationally accredited degree is commensurate with local legislation before ordering.

You must not forget that your degree is obtained by exploiting legal loopholes. We are often asked what this means. The best definition, that neatly encapsulates the concept, is that an institution is legally formed and operating in such a way that it makes the granting of a degree legal, whereas this would otherwise be illegal. Accreditation is voluntary but there will always be those whose understanding of the law are imperfect and will see a lack of a certain kind of accreditation as grounds to opine negativity about an institution or degree, no matter how legal the degree is. Neither we nor the institutions can prevent this kind of ill informed prejudice. However, the law is on the side of the legally granted degree, regardless of its accreditation.

All degrees available thru us are non-nationally accredited and if you feel that you require a degree with specific accreditation, then you should not apply.

19. How can I be sure I will get my degree?

This is where the benefits of our service come in. With us as an intermediary, you can be sure that the College or University sends your degree in return for your payment. When you pay us, we send your request to the Institution and we only release the funds to them once they have sent your degree(s) to us. We then forward on the items to you at no cost.

Because we use a 3rd Party Processor we do not get paid if you do not receive your degree.

We ONLY ship via Registered Priority Mail which MUST be signed for by the addressee. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a client to receive a degree through us and claim it was not delivered.

20. What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is guaranteed in 3 ways:

– The Institutions are contractually bound not to advertise these “quick degree programs” anywhere in anyway, this includes, printed media, radio, television and the internet. The contract clearly stipulates that they must never reveal their association with Fast Degrees Online or subsidiary services.

– Fast Degrees Online and its subsidiaries are contractually bound never to reveal the identity of any Institution it represents.

– On making your purchase, you agree to never reveal the link between Fast Degrees Online and the name of the Institution from which you graduate. This is a binding legal contract on your part and on any 3rd parties responsible for the dissemination of this information contrary to the terms of the Confidentiality Contract.

21. Are the awards verifiable?

Absolutely! We only deal with legally operating Colleges and Universities that provide a Free Verification Service for all awards that meets the general verification and data protection guidelines. This means that a 3RD PARTY i.e. another person, employer or organization can verify your degree if required by contacting the institution directly by email or post. Please note that Colleges and Universities do not verify awards over the phone or by fax.

For legal reasons, verification requests must be submitted by email or post and in writing and accompanied by the graduate’s verification letter or password. Details will be posted to you with your degree. The institutions are required by contract to respond to a valid verification request within 5 days of receipt.

The fact that you have acquired your degree via Fast Degrees Online is NEVER mentioned.

22. I am not certain about which discipline is relevant to my chosen subject.

Don’t worry, no matter what Discipline you choose, we will always ensure that your degree Subject is processed in a correct Discipline. We reserve the right to amend applications for this purpose. You will always receive the Level and Subject that you request in the Order Form. For instance, if you applied for a Bachelor of Science in History, this would be amended to the correct form, which is Bachelor of ARTS in History.

The level and discipline determine the post-nominal form of the degree:

– Associate (level) of Commerce (discipline) = John Smith A.Com.
– Bachelor (level) of Arts (discipline) = John Smith B.A.
– Bachelor (level) of Science (discipline) = John Smith B.Sc.
– Master (level) of Business Administration (discipline) = John Smith MBA.
– Doctor (level) of Science (discipline) = John Smith D.Sc.
– Doctor (level) of Philosophy (discipline) = John Smith Ph.D.

Any Doctorate can be referred to either by the pre-nominal form or the post-nominal form, but never the 2 forms together: Dr. John Smith or John Smith Ph.D. never Dr. John Smith Ph.D.

See our link to post-nominal abbreviations that you can use with your degree.

23. Can I request a specific date of graduation for my degree?

Yes. However, there are certain limitations. This process is called “Retro-Active Graduation”, this form of back-dating is difficult to arrange, but not impossible. It is perfectly legal providing the person named on the degree was aged 18 or more on the date requested. Under Retro-Active Graduation a degree can be dated any month between January 1983 and the present day. This limit is because of the implementation date of standard guidelines that we insist all the institutions that we represent abide by.

If you require Retro-Active Graduation you must say so, including the month and year required when you order.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can a degree diploma be dated in the future.

24. Will the institution have a website?

Generally, no. There is a good reason for this as private non-traditional Colleges and Universities that run websites are easily branded as “Virtual Universities” which is not the case. This can be a source of negative publicity which is best avoided.

25. Will the institution have an email address?

Up until October 28, 2002 all institutions represented by us operated an email contact for Graduate Affairs. Despite having their administration directed entirely offline, they did so at OUR insistence as we believed that this would be convenient for our clients who come exclusively through the Internet.

We provided clear explanations that verification only to be presented by email, in writing and attached by the written, signed consent of the graduate. Despite this, large numbers of our clients nevertheless attempted to direct miscellaneous questions about Fast Degrees Online and posing questions answered either in our FAQ or in the Graduation Package. The volume of these emails rendered the email contacts almost useless for genuine Graduate Affairs questions. Now each institution only offers 1 email address for the registrar to verify degrees.

This in NO WAY diminishes the commitment of the institutions to providing timely responses to valid verification requests, which will continue uninterrupted.

The Customer Service policy of Fast Degrees Online continues to be one that strives towards excellence and we will of course answer any questions directed towards us, as we have always done.

26. But other sites claim accreditation. Can you offer me the same accreditation?

No. And I would avoid such “phoney” accreditations. Usually these sites also setup their own so-called accreditation to endorse their own degrees. We only deal with fully licensed universities that DO NOT associate themselves with unrecognized accreditation bodies.